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Professor Kaymarlin Govender

  • Research Director

Kaymarlin Govender is a research psychologist with an MA from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a DLitt et Phil from the University of South Africa. He was appointed director of research at HEARD in 2011. He began his professional career at the Human Sciences Research Council working on early child development and children in contexts of adversity and later joined the then University of Westville (School of Psychology). He stills holds a partial appointment in School of Psychology, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Kaymarlin’s main research interests include the psychological, social and behavioural issues related to HIV and AIDS. He has a number of publications and commissioned reports related to risk and resiliency issues facing children and, more generally, youth in the context of HIV and AIDS. His recent dedicated area of research is in the field of masculine identities and its implications for risk behaviours. He a research methodologist by training and specializes in quantitative and qualitative research methods including, M&E approaches as well as discourse analysis. He has acted as a research consultant/advisor to a number of bodies (NGOs, research institutions and government) on social and behavioural research and is actively involved in health promotion research/advocacy activities at a local and national level.

Latest Publications

Research outputs

Book contribution

Govender, K. Poku, N. Armstrong, R. George, G. 2020. Epidemiology of HIV Among Adolescents and Young People In Eastern And Southern Region. In Preventing HIV Among Young People in Southern and Eastern Africa: Emerging Evidence and Intervention Strategies. Routledge.

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Edited book

Kaymarlin Govender Nana Poku (2017) Sociology of AIDS John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

Journal article

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Journal issues edited

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