Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa

Policy engagement

Introducing HEARD’s policy engagement

Our mission is to influence and support evidence-based policy and good practice to more effectively address Africa’s health challenges and contribute to achieving health equity on the continent. Our applied research and our connectivities within civil society and affected communities enable us to bring valuable evidence and insight to health debates, policies and practices, while our technical expertise in, for example, situational analysis, strategy and programme development, health economics and financing, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity development, serve to strengthen particular health sector processes, outputs and outcomes.

We primarily seek to increase the impact of our research and expertise through:

  • high level technical assistance to governments, international agencies and other health sector partners, including short-term consultancies for discrete assignments as well as longer term contractual agreements to provide broad-based support to institutions,
  • effective communication of research findings, including policy-friendly publications, social media and an accessible and information-rich website,
  • leadership or membership of influential groups and events, including think tanks, networks, panels, working groups, discussions, conferences, and more.
Professor Nana Poku

Executive Director and Professor of Health Economics


Key engagements