Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa

Partnership & Networks

Advancing health through partnership and networking

HEARD contracts and sustains partnerships with established organisations in instances where the knowledge and expertise of both parties are complementary; for the purpose of enlarging or deepening shared research agendas; in order to avoid wasteful duplication; as a means of facilitating the purposeful exchange of data or research findings; and in some instances, for the purpose of maintaining direct links with policy-making bodies.

Network links are less formal but every bit as valuable, as they are the best means of gauging the regional extent of research and practice; of securing on-the-ground indicators of health provision gaps and deficiencies; of appreciating local and national political currents, including advocacy campaigns; and by combining with a wide range of other organisations, reinforcing normative expectation for health equity and access.

Professor Nana Poku

Executive Director and Professor of Health Economics