Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa


Professional and community development

The HEARD Learning Centre is a new initiative to share the practical resources we produce in the course of our research, policy engagement, and training events. . In addition to the resources listed here, please check out our Publications section for our latest research and analysis on the health challenges facing the African continent.

We are also looking to develop and facilitate a programme of workshops and a seminar series. We seek to offer tailored training sessions and courses to public, private and civil society sector institutions engaged in health planning, programming and management and in any other areas where a specific demand can be met by HEARD’s expertise. We will also be seeking to develop and run open-registration sessions and courses, where there is shown to be sufficient demand, for example in health-related project planning and project management, proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting, among others. Please check back here for updates on workshops and seminars.

Workshops and seminars

20 July 2017 | Durban, South Africa

Intimate partner violence among pregnant women in low-income countries: A case study of Rwanda

HEARD staff: Cailin Hedderwick

Durban, South Africa | 18 March

Public lecture: Women’s agency, social change & human rights - lessons from HIV/AIDS

HEARD staff: Cailin Hedderwick