Working to Advance
Health Equity in Africa

Health Systems Strengthening

This research area aims to tackle the seminal question of how to deliver optimal health services to the greatest number of people within a particular fiscal space. Our work in this vital area is driven by five key research objectives. Firstly, we aim to establish the effects that HIV policies and programmes are having, and have had, on the broader health systems development in heavily burdened Southern African countries. We intend to identify and assess functional bottlenecks, from individual to national level, for effective implementation of health systems development and HIV services. We strive to determine how existing HIV, TB and health financial contributions contribute to the strengthening of health systems and scaling up to universal access. We must establish how synergistic approaches between HIV and health systems development may contribute to better health and HIV outcomes, including key populations. Lastly we aim to evaluate how the adoption of innovations such as new technologies, management techniques and organisational procedures could positively impact health systems.