Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa


We have been at the forefront of publishing cutting-edge social and scientific research and analysis on the HIV and AIDS epidemics of east East and southern Africa, grounded in the lived experience of families and communities, and over a decade of active engagement with the region’s national AIDS response strategies. Over the years, our research has grown to encompass a range of related health, human rights and development concerns in east and southern Africa, including the health and rights of women, people with disabilities, LGBTI and other key and marginalised groups; health systems and systems strengthening; health governance and financing; and sexual and reproductive health and rights, including maternal and child health, and unsafe abortion.

Where appropriate, we seek to publish in collaboration and partnership with key stakeholders in health and development across the region to ensure that publications are highly relevant and influential in debates and decisions on health, rights and development on the continent.

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