Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa

Policy engagement

Providing technical support to SANAC

The overall purpose of the technical support is to enhance capacity for economic analysis on areas within HIV, STIs and TB. The support has a priority emphasis on assisting the Costing and Financing TTT within SANAC on conducting analyses and compiling high-level reports to inform stakeholders. An initial key focal point of the technical assistance will be on analysing expenditure under the HIV/ AIDS conditional grant.  This will further be expanded to include expenditure related analysis of the national ART programme and costing of PREP packages. Key outputs include a review of the South African Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Conditional Grant to be published on the SANAC website, and attendance at Costing and Financing TTT meetings as well as input towards the development of programmes and interventions to be rolled out through SANAC.


Provide support in the areas discussed above including involvement in meetings, in the generation of reports and review documents. The primary objective to date is to review the financial and programmatic performance of the South African comprehensive HIV and AIDS conditional grant.