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Dr Carolien Aantjes

Carolien Aantjes (PhD, MPH) is a researcher at HEARD with a focus on HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and health system strengthening. Since 2015, she has been engaged in our multi-country research on unsafe abortion in Eastern and Southern Africa. She is also a core member in our 4-year research project on young key populations in Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This particular research is embedded in a larger project that aims to strengthen the legal and policy environment for these groups in order to reduce stigma and discrimination of young key populations and improve their access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Carolien has extensive, international experience in the field of HIV and AIDS and public health. She worked, among others, for the Ministry of Health in Namibia as a coordinator of a regional AIDS programme and as a public health nurse for the municipal health services of Amsterdam, on HIV screening, detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. She undertook many short-term consultancy assignments in Africa and Asia, assisting national governments, funding agencies as well as local NGOs in the design or review of their HIV interventions. Her doctoral thesis investigated how sub-Saharan African health systems could utilise the lessons from the exceptional HIV programme to develop chronic care services in the face of an emerging burden of chronic, non-communicable diseases in the region. Carolien previously worked as a post-doc researcher and lecturer in Global Health at the Athena Institute of the VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Aantjes, Carolien J., Joseph Simbaya and Tim K.C Quinlan (2016) From End of Life to Chronic Care: The Provision of Community Home-Based Care for HIV and the Adaptation to New Health Care Demands In Zambia Primary Health Care Research & Development, 17(6), pp 599-610