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Intersection of Disability, Health and Livelihood: A Scoping Study

Intersection of Disability, Health and Livelihood: A Scoping Study


This project investigates the available evidence on the intersection of Disability, Health and Livelihood in Southern Africa.  Literature suggests that disability and poverty are interlinked in a vicious cycle, whereby disability increases the likelihood of poverty and poverty leads to increased likelihood of disability.  This project looks systematically at the evidence available on this link in Southern Africa, including a systematic review, as well as a mapping of existing social protection mechanisms that may include or target people with disabilities and their households in the region.


  • To develop a synthesis on the intersection of disability, health and livelihood
  • To map the social protection mechanisms and their inclusion of disability in southern Africa

Methodological Approach:

This systematic review uses the World Health Organization’s ICF to conceptualise ‘disability’. A systematic search of electronic databases is conducted using specific keywords for disability and poverty/livelihood and their synonyms. The search is restricted to Southern Africa. Identified publications are screened and reviewed according to inclusion/exclusion criteria. Data is systematically extracted and reviewed for quality. Extracted data is reviewed for patterns related to methods or results.