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The South African NSP and women who have sex with women

The South African NSP and women who have sex with women


This research involved a critical review of how and why women who have sex with women (WSW) are included in the South African NSP. Qualitative research was undertaken in 2013 followed by analysis and write up in 2014. The results have been presented at a regional forum on heteronormativity and health hosted by UCT in August 2014. The work was supported by the Gender Equality and Health team, and was undertaken by a HEARD Research Associate, Felicity Daly, as a part of her DPhil at LSHTM, which was awarded in early 2015. She intends to use this information to mobilize critical sectors in South Africa.


  • Seek to understand why the HIV risks faced by WSW emerged within efforts to combat the epidemic in South Africa.
  • Determine what evidence base has been marshalled for policy discourse around the need to address WSW including efforts to combat violence against women and how this has been utilised in policy discourse.
  • Analyse how the discourse has evolved through the implementation of the NSP in South Africa and what scope there is for enhancing targeted HIV prevention for this key vulnerable population in future policies.