Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa

Policy engagement

Technical Assistance to Collect Data on Domestic Resource Flows for Population Activities in South Africa


The aim is to provide technical assistance to UNFPA for data collection of domestic resource flows for population activities in South Africa.  The purpose is to strengthen the monitoring of domestic expenditures for population activities through the completion of the Resource Flows Surveys for 2012-13 and 2013-14. The key outputs of this policy engagement are an interim report based on analysis of data collected for 2012-13, and a final report summarising the interim report findings and containing the analysis of data for 2013-14.


To estimate the resource flows for population activities; viz. family planning services, reproductive and maternal health services and basic research, data and policy development analysis in South Africa. Work closely with government departments, donors and national NGOs to collect accurate data on expenditure on population activities. Provide technical assistance to stakeholders on disaggregating budgets / expenditure according to the identified population activities (in cases where this disaggregation has not yet been done). Raise awareness among these stakeholders of domestic expenditures, thereby increasing the utilisation of data for planning and resource mobilisation purposes. Assist stakeholders to use the data to advocate for the renewal of commitment to ICPD goals and the mobilisation of both donor and domestic resources required to finance population programmes, as well as to plan for an effective response to the AIDS pandemic.