Working to Advance
Health Equity in Africa

Samantha Chareka

  • 2017 PhD Student
  • Country of origin: Zimbabwe

Samantha’s PhD research looks at the appropriateness of different health service configurations to meet the unique sexual and reproductive health needs of young women who sell sex in Zimbabwe. She holds a Master of Social Science in Health Research Ethics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Prior to enrolling in the HEARD PhD programme, Samantha worked as a Research Fellow at CAPRISA and as a Research Intern at HEARD. Both research experiences sparked a passion for adolescent sexual and reproductive healthcare. Her areas of interest in research include; Quality of Care, Healthcare Quality Improvement, and Healthcare Utilisation.

Research outputs

Journal article

Crankshaw, T. Chareka, S. Zambezi, P. Poku, N. 2021. Age Matters: Determinants of sexual and reproductive health vulnerabilities amongst young women who sell sex (16–24 years) in Zimbabwe. Social Science and Medicine, 270, 1-9.

Chareka, S. Crankshaw, T. Zambezi, P. 2021. Economic and social dimensions influencing safety of induced abortions amongst young women who sell sex in Zimbabwe. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 29(1),1-12.