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Mike Strauss

  • Research fellow
  • Health Systems Strengthening

Mike is a research fellow at HEARD working primarily in the Health Systems Strengthening Programme on various projects including the HIV Provincial Prevalence Study in South Africa, and the evaluation of attitudes towards self-testing for HIV in Kenya. He has been involved in a number of economic costing studies for HIV related interventions. Currently, he is working on a cost-effectiveness evaluation of the Stepping Stones and Creating Futures Intervention being rolled out in the Gender Equality and Health Programme. Additionally he is working with the UNAIDS and Namibian Ministry of Health to develop the Namibia Investment Case Framework. He has worked on a number of technical consultancies for the WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, MSF, SANAC and South African Department of Health.

His research interests include health financing and policy, specifically, understanding the transition from HIV as an emergency to the integration of the HIV response into the Universal Health Care agenda. Mike recently graduated with a master’s degree in economics. For the completion of this degree, his study used a discrete choice experiment to investigate the preferences for school going adolescents in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa regarding service delivery models for HIV testing and medical circumcision. Prior to his involvement at HEARD, Mike was involved in lecturing undergraduate economics and coordinating various tutorial programmes within the department.

Latest Publications

Research outputs

Journal article

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