Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa

Research project

Unplanned antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment interruptions in Sub-Saharan Africa


The question being addressed is: ‘How to keep people on treatment?’ The answer lies in an understanding of why adherence is important; what levels of adherence are needed to ensure that treatment remains effective; how different types of crisis affect people’s access to treatment; and how patients and service providers respond to such difficulties. This research considers the longer term impact of unplanned ART treatment interruptions and makes suggestions as to how they might be avoided and managed in future, based on a series of case studies.


To understand the impact of crises on access and adherence to ART.

Methodological approach:

• Literature review on ART adherence and the effects of ART interruptions
• Interviews with key informants in NGOs and government departments

Key research questions:
To develop a better understanding of how different types of crises affect individuals’ ability to remain adherent to ART

Key outputs