One of HEARD’s post doc fellows, Dr Marcia Mutambara, recently had the opportunity to present at an online conference hosted by the Paris Center for Sociological and Political Research (CRESPPA), titled: The Gender of Borders. The conference focused on the gendered dynamics around mobility and sought to question the implications of migration policies on the experiences of differently gendered individuals.

“It was a worthwhile and insightful online event that positively shaped my perspective on how gendered borders operate to determine the inclusion and exclusion of certain populations, particularly in the European context of migration and borders,” shares Dr Mutambara.

Dr Mutambara’s presentation explored the Continuum of Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) amongst refugee women in South Africa, highlighting the continuum of experiences of different structures of violence throughout refugee women’s entire migration trajectory.

The presentation was based on ongoing research analysing the causes of and effective policy response to violence against women migrants and refugees as part of an international cooperation between Université Paris 8, France and the University of KwaZulu-Natal under the South Africa / France Science and Technology Research Collaboration (Protea) Programme. HEARD is working with Refugee Social Services and the Denis Hurley Centre, in Durban, South Africa, on this project.