28 – 30 MARCH 2022

This course covers the dilemmas and challenges that researchers face during the course of research from planning through to publication. The aim is to assist researchers in navigating the ethical issues that can arise. The course includes a component on online research and use of social media in view of the changes that the Covid-19 epidemic has entailed for research design and procedures in many settings. This is an interactive course; it will include a discussion of ethical and non-ethical research as well as participants’ experiences to inform the discussion. The course is oriented to individuals who work in academic or professional research organisations or in NGOs that do applied research and run practical programs. The course can accommodate 15 participants. Participants will receive a course pack with relevant literature and guidelines.



1) To understand researchers’ responsibilities to ensure ethical science,

2) To understand and use research ethics principles.



Professor Tim Quinlan

Social Anthropologist by training with extensive experience in student academic supervision, grant writing and research methods training. He has published widely in the academic literature.

Professor Kaymarlin Govender

Research Psychologist and research methodologist by training. In his capacity as Research Director at HEARD, he has extensive experience in the development of successful research grant proposals and provides scientific review over all HEARD’s research proposals.


MEDIUM: Online seminars via Zoom.


Monday                       28 March         (9.30am & 1.30pm)

Tuesday                      29 March         (Morning session at 9.30am)

Wednesday                30 March          (Morning session at 9.30am)

COST: R 1 984 per person.



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The workshop reference number              1001005

Closing date for applications                     25 FEBRUARY 2022


Space is limited. Apply to guarantee your place.

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