HEARD recruits postdoctoral fellows, for limited periods, with a research trajectory aligned to their priority research nodes. Post-doctoral fellows benefit by undertaking research in an applied research centre with high level – and wide ranging – connectivity in the public health sector. Post-doctoral fellows have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with colleagues who share their research interests, while bringing different knowledge, experience, connections and perspectives.

A Visiting Researcher scheme has been established for researchers who wish to join HEARD during a period of sabbatical leave from their home institution. The scheme aims to enrich the intellectual life at HEARD and facilitate links to Visiting Researchers’ home institutions globally, and encourage international research collaborations. Preference is given to those conducting research that falls within one or more of HEARD’s priority research nodes. Visiting Researchers benefit from the data library, and HEARD’s partnerships within the sector, to support and facilitate their research. HEARD can also provide an invaluable base for international researchers seeking to carry out field research in Africa.