Young people were at the centre of HEARD’s research in Madagascar and this video will explain why this was so important and what we jointly learned from this process. You will hear from Nancy, a young University student in Madagascar, who was part of our research team. Together with fellow students, she conducted research on sexual and reproductive health and rights among in and out of school youth, gaining invaluable experience.

In the video, she reflects on what this has meant for her as a young person. You will also hear from Mina, who supervised the research and who taught Nancy and the other students about how to conduct interviews and focus group discussions with young people living in different parts of the country from different walks of life. Mina will share her thoughts around the value of working with the students and how this allowed young research participants open up on issues that were challenging for them, such as accessing contraceptives, having unintended pregnancies, and paying for their school fees by engaging in sexual relationships.

If you would like to know more about this research, you can download the research report or read how it was received by governmental and non-governmental organisations in Madagascar. Other research outputs: Madagascar Baseline Brief – English, Madagascar Research Brief on the case of Nosy Be- French and Madagascar Academic Publications –English