Health technology assessment (HTA) uses a multidisciplinary approach to support priority-setting for the health benefits package design. The evidence-informed deliberative process (EDP) framework has been used alongside HTA to enhance the legitimacy, transparency, and accountability of priority-setting. The application of EDP and HTA for the sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) benefits package is critical due to the latter’s pluralistic social value decision-making ecosystem. However, this evidence has not been curated in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This Webinar draws on evidence from a scoping review that synthesizes literature to fill this gap. Policy implications of the outputs are important in the integration of diverse social values for fairer SRHR priority-setting, institutionalisation of HTA, establishment of prioritisation decision criteria, involvement of stakeholders and standardization of process and assessment methodological approaches.


Warren Simangolwa
Mr Simangolwa is a Health Economist with a research focus on health financing and the application of formal systematic decision-making processes using health technology assessment. His current research affiliation is at HEARD and is also a network member of the international Decision Support Initiative. Simangolwa has extensive work and consultancy stints in Sub-Saharan Africa on health financing, market access for global public goods, health technology assessments, and public and social policy. A published author, Simangolwa’s work has included essential package of health benefits, national health insurance reform, inequalities, poverty alleviation and service availability for the marginalized.

Professor Josue Mbonigaba
Josue Mbonigaba holds the positions of Associate Professor and Academic Leader of Higher Degrees and Research in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Mbonigaba’s research focus is in development economics with four broad categories: Health Economics, Foreign Aid and Development; Environmental and Water Economics; Human Capital and Productivity; Regional Economic Cooperation.

16th of November 2022


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