Working to Advance
Health Equity in Africa

Abebe Badacho

  • 2019 PhD Student
  • Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Area of interest: Public Health; Health Services Management and Health Economics.

Abebe obtained his Master of Public Health degree from Jimma University in Ethiopia. Mr Badacho has previously worked as a lecturer and programme coordinator in Health Sciences and Medicine at the Wolaita Sodo University in Ethiopia. Abebe is registered as a PhD student in the School of Nursing and Public Health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His proposed PhD research will focus on integrated services for the early detection and management of major non-communicable diseases in people living with HIV in Wolaita Zone of Southern Ethiopia. Once he graduates Mr Badacho intends to apply his knowledge to strengthen and enhance the health system in Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa through research-driven solutions.