Working to Advance
Health Equity in Africa

Adrian Chikowore

  • PhD Student

Adrian’s PhD Topic is “The Implications of Public Private Partnerships in the Sustainable Financing for the Provision of Health Infrastructure Cases of Lesotho and Zimbabwe”.

He has a Master of Science in African Studies that he obtained from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. He is affiliated with Financing for Development Global Network, Public Private Partnerships CSO Network, Africa Movement of Movements on Climate Change, Health Equity Network, Civil BRICS, and Rotaract.

His work to date includes; Public and Private Finance Policy Analysis and Advocacy in Africa focussing on Global Financial Architecture Reforms, Health and Education Financing, and Aid and Development Cooperation. Currently, he’s involved in Public and Private Finance Policy Analysis from African Perspectives to financing development such as Health, Infrastructure, and Climate Resilience.

Some of his interests in research include; Public Financing, Child Rights, Pan Africanist Political Economy, and Politics.