Working to Advance Health Equity in Africa


Disability, Health and Livelihoods

The Disability, Health and Livelihood research area investigates the impact of disability on Africa’s health and social systems. It provides evidence on the health disparities and vulnerability of people with disabilities as well as the impact of disability created through the burden of diseases such as HIV and TB as well as non-communicable diseases, chronic illnesses, traumas, and an increasingly elderly population. This research area has more recently included a particular focus on disability among people living long-term on ART medication and how this impacts adherence to ART, health, and livelihood.

The research area seeks to better understand the intersection of disability, health and livelihoods with the aim of using the evidence to find solutions towards more equitable and feasible health care and social protection mechanisms that includes people with disabilities. We provide advice to international and national agencies on how to integrate, and cost obligations arising from, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

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